Become a member! What does membership in TLGDA provide for you?

— Ability to locate and/or market pups, dogs or stud service on the TLGDA website.
— Networking with breeders raising and selling dogs or fellow ranchers using livestock guardian dogs.
— Be part of an organization that represents the LGD industry at the local and state levels.
— TLGDA sponsored events, workshops and presentations on livestock protection dogs.

As a member, we hope that you ask questions, contribute information, photos, stories, and experiences with fellow LGD owners as well as potential owners via the newsletter and our social media pages.

How do I become a TLGDA member?

— Please fill out the form below. After submitting the form you will be redirected within a few seconds to another page where you can choose the payment option that matches the membership you are applying for. Once selected, you will then be securely redirected to PayPal to make your credit card payment.

Membership dues run on a calendar year.

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